Our Mission

Championing The Singapore Games & Esports Industry

The Singapore Games Association (SGGA) was founded to fill an important role in the industry - to strengthen foundations and facilitate the development of the Singapore games and esports ecosystem through the support of Singaporean and Singapore-based companies.

The SGGA also serves as the voice of the industry, representing Singapore to the international games community, championing the industry and its achievements to the masses, and providing input on policies that impact the industry.

Infrastructure & Structure

The SGGA will work with stakeholders to facilitate development of local infrastructure and industry standards, in order to create a collaborative and sustainable environment for game development and hosting of international scale esports events.

Building Bridges

SGGA represents the Singapore games industry to the international games and esports community, and welcomes all and any who wish to connect and collaborate with our members.

Communication & Amplification

The SGGA will amplify and champion industry achievements via our official SGGA and Singapore Esports channels.

Capability Development & Accreditation

The SGGA conducts regular workshops and training sessions across a variety of topics, subject to industry need. We leverage our extensive network to engage industry experts for these sessions, facilitating knowledge and expertise sharing.

The SGGA will also roll out its accreditation and certification courses for both game development and esports from 2021 onwards.

Networking & Opportunities

The SGGA will also host networking events, investor and publisher pitches and other sessions to create opportunities for our members.

Information Portal

The SGGA will host a directory of Singapore based gaming and esports companies, as well as issue annual data reports on the Singapore games and esports industry.