Game Dev Drink Up

GameDevDrinkUp is an international movement for game developers/creators to gather around, have drinks and chit chat! Find out more about the other chapters here.

A purely social event which encourages industry folks from both esports and game development to mingle, get to know each other and hopefully brew new collaboration among new friends.

As physical events are cancelled for the foreseeable future, we have introduced the Indie Soapbox in place of Drink Up sessions, until we're able to hang out in person again.

Indie Soapbox

A platform for new and upcoming devs to practice presenting their games to an audience. Attendees are welcome to give feedback about both the game and presentations. This initiative is further combined with the Game Dev Drink Up (once Covid-19 is stabilised) to get game developers from all walks of life to provide diverse and vibrant engagement with the speakers.

If you are interested in presenting your game, please apply through the form.

Workshops & Training Sessions

The SGGA will be rolling out a series of workshops, talks and training sessions over the next 12 months. Topics will range from game development, business, esports and others, subject to industry need and feedback.

Fireside Chats & Roundtables

Fireside Chats - Game developers who've recently published a game huddle together and share their valuable, honest post-mortem with members of the public, whether they're other game devs or even fans of the game. Valuable knowledge is shared from how the team was formed to its creative decisions and how it was monetised.

Rountables - Closed-door invite-only roundtables are held monthly/bi-monthly to help facilitate #gamedev discussions beyond the classroom. Get participants from diverse backgrounds to learn from each others' perspectives in a casual, open-minded manner, and then publish a video summary of the session for all to learn from!