About Membership

SGGA membership is open to industry professionals and companies who are interested in the gaming and esports industry, specifically programs and events which encourage knowledge sharing across all aspects of different levels, and opportunities to participate in missions, local and overseas. The association appreciates your help to keep us sustainable as a non-profit organisation while helping you with professional and personal growth.



One of the association's main goals is to hold affordable, professional and meaningful workshops for professional development. Small to medium-sized workshops ensure that every attendee gets the attention and specialised training in the field they're intererested in.

Mission Trips

If you have a product or service which proudly represents our Singapore gaming scene, joining us will give you the opportunity to exhibit under the Singapore Pavilion and participate in B2B programmes at major gaming events locally and globally.

Events & Networking

Interested in large-scale capability development events and collective knowledge-sharing? Lectures, panels, networking sessions and fireside chats will be readily available either free or at a discounted price for members.


Promote and attract attention to Singapore’s gaming industry activities globally using social media, video platforms, mailing lists, word of mouth and other promotions to showcase the industry.

Directory & Data Collection

A public directory of all active gaming industry players globally.
To determine the health of our Industry, we will be collecting data and producing reports for the industry.

Investor & Publisher Networks

As we strongly promote collaboration between gaming companies both locally and globally, the association is happy to link your company up with relevant parties to ensure a higher chance at growth.


In order to expedite the processes of receiving opportunities from us, we will have certification of players, talents, events and companies to help create quality control and trust in the Singapore gaming industry.


Not sure where to start or proceed at any point of your career or company? We offer consultation to members and government agencies on both game development and esports.

Membership Tiers