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SGGA membership is open to professionals and companies who are interested in being a part of the gaming and esports industry. Our members gain access to the association’s resources, network, programmes and events that are designed to facilitate capability development, business growth opportunities and networking. Members are also able to participate in local and overseas missions such as GDC, gamescom asia and international esports conferences.

Membership fees will go towards covering operating costs of running the SGGA and its various initiatives.

The SGGA also welcomes sponsorships from individuals and corporate entities who wish to be Patrons of the SGGA.

Be A Gold Member Of The SGGA

The SGGA welcomes sponsorship from individuals and corporate entities who wish to be Gold Member (Patron) of the SGGA.

Please contact us at for more details.

Member Benefits


One of the association's main goals is to hold affordable, professional and meaningful workshops for professional development. Small to medium-sized workshops ensure that every attendee gets the attention and specialised training in the field they're intererested in.

Mission Trips

The SGGA will lead Singapore's representation, via Singapore Pavillions and other initiatives, at local and international gaming and esports events. SGGA members will be able to participate in these missions at subsidised costs.

Events & Networking

Interested in large-scale capability development events and collective knowledge-sharing? Lectures, panels, networking sessions and fireside chats will be readily available either free or at a discounted price for members.


The SGGA is the voice of the games industry to the media and general public, with the goal of promoting and raising awareness of and showcasing achievements in the industry.

Directory & Data Collection

A public directory of all active gaming industry players globally.
To determine the health of our Industry, we will be collecting data and producing reports for the industry.

Investor & Publisher Networks

Members can leverage the SGGA's international network to find investment and collaboration opportunities. .

Accreditation & Certification

The SGGA will be rolling out an accredication and certification process, working with Singapore based companies to create professional standards for game development and esports to raise confidence in Singapore as a development and esports hub.


SGGA offers consultation to companies and government agencies on business best practices and industry insight.

The SGGA will also be the voice of the Singapore games industry, to provide feedback on government policy.

Singapore Esports Initiative

The Singapore Esports initiative aims to drive awareness of local esports companies, achievements through amplification of esports activities on the various Singapore Esports platforms.

Esports Capability Training

A goal of the Singapore Esports initiative is to ready and position Singapore as the preferred host for large scale esports events in Asia.
This will include engaging with stakeholders and providing training opportunities for our local companies to have the expertise and capability required to execute international level esports events.

Membership Categories & Fees