Data Analyst

Permanent 3 to 4 hours per week
Data Analyst Data Analyst
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We believe in creating the first active and robust directory for the gaming and esports industry. One of the greatest challenges thus far has been consolidation and that has greatly affected opportunities locally. You can help us with that.

Key tasks:

  • GameDev
    • Collect data and update our current directory
    • Gather statistics on the current gaming landscape to provide data and insights into the industry
  • Esports
    • Reach out to active stakeholders within the esports industry and collect data
    • Maintain the directory to ensure high degree of relevance
    • Execute beneficial initiatives for the ecosystem


  • Masterful at excel or google sheets
  • Willing to be actively connected to both the local gaming and esports landscape
  • Passionate about the gaming and/or esports industry
  • Reliable and communicative with the team

Commitment: We’re flexible based on how much time you can give, we’d like to have (approx) 4 hours per week, sometimes more during big events, but are willing to work with less for the right volunteer.

Interested applicants are welcomed to apply via the form on our website.

Interested applicants are welcome to drop us a mail at [email protected] with the following format:

Subject: [Application for Volunteer Role] Insert Position Here

Introduction of yourself and a short paragraph on why you are interested in volunteering for this role.


Contact Details: email address / phone number

Discord ID:

Please also attach the Volunteer Form to the email. The document can be found here.