Video Production Lead

Permanent 2 to 3 hours per week
Video Production Lead Video Production Lead
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As SGG runs its roundtables or fireside chats every month in intimate, private spaces, not everyone might have the opportunity to attend in person due to space constraints. This is where you come in, ensuring that content is well-presented in video format to further engage the #SGGamedev community, encouraging the sharing of knowledge beyond the event itself.

Key tasks:

  • Record video & sound for the event, focusing on whoever is speaking
  • Work with the moderator of that session to decide key points of edit
  • Edit footage into a short, 10 - 20 min summary piece
  • Work with audio volunteers to level and clean up dialogue audio
  • Design simple slates for the video
  • May include obtaining & editing gameplay footage for the video


  • Minimally owns a digital/DSLR camera with video functionality
  • Is adept at video camera functions
  • Works with basic video editing software
  • Basic knowledge & awareness of knowing who to focus on, especially at roundtables
  • Basic knowledge of sound recording using a field recorder
  • Reliable & communicative

Commitment: Unlike other roles, videography requires compulsory presence at events due to it being live. After the event, the video producer will typically be given 2 weeks lead time to edit the video. The video will usually be published after 2 weeks. Minor revisions might occur but the team will ensure that it’s limited to 1 revision within reason.

Interested applicants are welcomed to apply via the form on our website.

Interested applicants are welcome to drop us a mail at [email protected] with the following format:

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