Meet the Team

The people who share a common positive vision for Gaming and Esports and are committed to take Singapore to the international stage.

Our Executive Committee

The Executive Committee brainstorms, plans and executes projects, activities and events to keep the conversations revolving around the Gaming and Esports industry enticing and meaningful.

  • Gwen is a Singapore-based sound designer for video games and also the co-founder of Imba Interactive with about 9 years in the industry. Having experience of heading a startup, she’s developed project management skills with a flair for organisation and execution whilst maintaining welfare of co-workers and staff.

    Aside from being part of the IGDA Committee (2016 - 2018), she also kickstarted Game Audio Singapore, a local game audio community aimed to provide knowledge and sharing among students and professionals.

  • elicia.jpg

    Elicia Lee

    Vice Chairperson

    Elicia Lee is Co-founder and Managing Director of Eliphant, and a 10 year veteran of the gaming industry. She started her gaming career in EA, handling ecommerce and marketing, which included launching 22 Origin stores across the APAC region.

    In 2013, she co-founded Eliphant, which is today a leading game marketing, events and esports service provider in Asia that also organised GameStart, Singapore’s largest gaming convention from 2014 to 2019, and SEA Major, the largest fighting game tournament in SEA. Elicia brings her extensive experience and network to the SGGA.

  • jayf.png

    Jayf Soh


    Jayf "Babael" Soh is currently the CEO and Founder of Resurgence. With over 8 years of experience in the esports industry, Jayf started out as a video games commentator. In 2015, he was engaged to commentate the Heroes of the Storm World Championship at BlizzCon.
    In 2017, having witnessed the passion that fellow Singaporean gamers have, he then founded Resurgence and expanded further by acquiring more teams which grew into a multi-disciplinary esports organization. Today, Resurgence is Singapore's largest esports organization representing Singapore in global and regional championships with over 194 tournaments participated, 47 championship wins and 105 podium finishes.

  • brian.jpg

    Brian Kwek


    Brian is the founder and owner of Ysbryd Games, a indie-focused games publisher based in Singapore and the United Kingdom. Under Brian’s guidance and curation, Ysbryd Games has funded and produced best-selling titles such as WORLD OF HORROR and VA-11 HALL-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action.

    Brian’s experience straddles both the development and publishing spheres of the industry, as he previously served as co-founder and executive producer at Witching Hour Studios. Over the past 10 years, Brian has built bridges with a network of global platform holders, fellow publishers and a diverse set of developers in the premium games space.

  • karen.png

    Karen Teo

    Exco Member (Industry)

    Karen has more than a decade of global and regional gaming business experience with Vivendi Universal Games, Xbox, Take-Two Interactive, and most recently with Facebook. Currently running the APAC team in Facebook looking after a diverse slate of businesses both big and small, Karen is passionate about building a global economy that is beneficial and accessible to all businesses, not just the larger ones with resources.

    With this past knowledge and passion to continue building bridges between big and small companies to drive innovation and opportunity for all, Karen will bring strategic focus and her business network of contacts in Games and Tech to SGGA.

  • Michael Lee

    Michael Lee

    Exco Member (GameDev)

    Michael leads communications at Ubisoft Singapore, advising senior management at the AAA studio and working with partners, community, and industry. He has held several senior positions in the communications industry over the past decade, representing clients that have included Amazon, Omron, and Unity Technologies and leading regional public relations for RSA (then under Dell EMC). Prior to working in public relations, he wrote for CBS Interactive publications ZDNet and CNET as a journalist and was the editor of several trade publications from the Institute of Engineers, Australia.

    An Electrical Engineer by professional background and geek at heart, Michael loves all things tech, starting his first foray into coding in BASIC on a Texas Instruments TI-99/4A. He’s been known to still automate a few things around the house given not much more than a Raspberry Pi or two and enough spare time to hack together a few Python scripts.

  • joyce.png

    Joyce Law

    Exco Member (Industry)

    Joyce has had the privilege of experiencing the game ecosystem, from publishing, content acquisition, industry development and developer relationship. She strongly believes that the games ecosystem is one which can be the pivotal trigger towards building a creative and vibrant generation (current and future)

    She aims to be able to be one of the many cobblestone that would build our industries’ path towards growth. She champions knowledge sharing of best practices, locally, regionally and globally to bring about growth together.

  • shaun-tay.jpg

    Shaun Tay

    Exco Member (Education)

    Shaun has over 12 years of experience as an educator in game design, game-based learning and gamification in Republic Polytechnic, where he teaches Game Theory, Board and Card Game Design, 2D Art Asset Creation and Arts History.

    He is engaged in the application, and prospects of gamification as an academic researcher. Specialising in Applied Teaching & Learning, coupled with the practice of academic research in Gamification, he believes compelling play experiences is the key to elevate learning in the new landscape of education. His philosophy in game design is identical to his methods as a dungeon master – it’s all about the player’s experience.

Our Operations Team

The Operations Team keep the association active so that members can certainly get the first hand information of latest happenings, such as events, activities and news revolving around the Gaming Esports industry.

  • cheryll.jpg

    Cheryll Chong

    Project Manager

    Cheryll is currently the Project Manager of the Association, having experience in both community management and project coordination. Her expertise covers a broad range of administrative skills from event organisation to sales & marketing, logistics and facilitation. This diverse range of skills has helped her develop a macro understanding of the games ecosystem, bridging different sectors and introducing new perspectives wherever she goes.

    With her skills, knowledge, and passion, she aims to build a collaborative community for all to learn and grow together.

  • benjamin.png

    Benjamin Chia

    Project Executive

    Ben has experience in many different roles in the field of gaming, ranging from product marketing, digital marketing, and social media management. He aims to make esports big in Singapore through educating the public, and to help promising players realize their potential and ambitions to compete.

    In his free time, you can catch him playing different FPS titles or petting random cats on the street.

  • aloysius.jpg

    Aloysius Low

    Editorial Consultant

    Aloysius is a seasoned journalist and editor, covering tech and esports for the last 15 years. He’s done everything from being the only Asia-based editor for CNET, to growing and leading the nascent ONE Esports editorial team.

    With his passion for storytelling and a keen eye for news, Aloysius aims to help SGGA highlight the best stories from Singapore’s game industry and esports community.