Meet the Team

The people who share a common positive vision for Gaming and Esports and are committed to take Singapore to the international stage.

Our Executive Committee

The Executive Committee brainstorms, plans and executes projects, activities and events to keep the conversations revolving around the Gaming and Esports industry enticing and meaningful.

  • elicia.jpg

    Elicia Lee

    Chairperson / Exco-Member (Capability Development)

    Elicia Lee is Co-founder and Managing Director of gaming and esports agency, Eliphant, as well as Co-founder and Marketing Director of game studio, Battlebrew Productions. She started her gaming career in EA, handling ecommerce and marketing for the APAC region, before going on to organise GameStart Asia, Singapore's largest gaming event from 2014 to 2019.

    Her area of expertise lies in effective communications, marketing strategy and event management.

    In her free time, Elicia can be found exploring the world of Teyvat or living other lives in games like Frostpunk, Subnautica, Don’t Starve and Stardew Valley.

  • Feli Lim.PNG

    Felicia Lim

    Vice Chairperson / Exco-Member (Advocacy & PR)

    Felicia is currently the Head of Games BD for APAC at Twitch where she is responsible for developing games strategy by working closely with games publishers and developers to identify strategic opportunities.

    Before joining Twitch, she had 17 years of regional gaming experience with companies that included Microsoft Xbox 360, Blizzard Entertainment and ONE Esports. Driven by her passion for the industry, she has dedicated her career to understand the various roles of the games ecosystem which included platform, publishing, esports, development and streaming.

    Wanting to pay forward what she has learnt through her experience and network, she hopes to share her knowledge and help support the growth of the gaming industry

  • brian.jpg

    Brian Kwek

    Treasurer / Exco-Member (Indie)

    Brian is the founder and owner of Ysbryd Games, a indie-focused games publisher based in Singapore and the United Kingdom. Under Brian’s guidance and curation, Ysbryd Games has funded and produced best-selling titles such as WORLD OF HORROR and VA-11 HALL-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action.

    Brian’s experience straddles both the development and publishing spheres of the industry, as he previously served as co-founder and executive producer at Witching Hour Studios. Over the past 12 years, Brian has built bridges with a network of global platform holders, fellow publishers and a diverse set of developers in the premium games space.

    When Brian is off-duty these days, he delves into high-end raiding in Final Fantasy XIV.

  • Sunitha_Photo

    Sunitha Kumar Girish

    Secretary / Exco-Member (AAA)

    Sunitha Kumar Girish is an Associate Producer at Ubisoft Singapore on the Skull & Bones team. Prior to joining the Singapore studio, Sunitha worked on various product management roles for other gaming studios such as Electronic Arts, Microsoft, PopCap Games and her own indie studio, Laughing Buddha Games.

    As an industry veteran in product management, technology and game production, Sunitha is passionate about her mission to “do good while gaming”, she aims to change the status quo and bring about a positive transformation in the games industry by building pathways for all talents.

    Some of her favourite games include Horizon Zero Dawn, World of Warcraft, Assassin’s Creed and of course, Skull & Bones.

  • PhyliciaKoh_Photo

    Phylicia Koh

    Secretary / Exco-Member (Outreach & Membership)

    Phylicia is VP at Play Ventures, the leading early stage, global gaming VC fund. Prior to Play Ventures, she has worked with gaming startups like Mighty Bear Games and has over 9 years experience leading marketing and growth at startups and organisations like the Singapore Economic Development Board.

  • GennadiiPotapov_Photo

    Gennadii Potapov

    Exco-Member (Indie)

    Gennadii is the CEO and co-founder of General Arcade. He is currently 34 years old and has lived in Singapore for the last 10 years. He has 15 years of experience in commercial software development and 10 years in game development. He started General Arcade in 2013 together with his close friend, Serge Shubin - a porting house and co-development studio based in Eastern Europe and Singapore.

    Over the years, they have grown to a team of 40 specialists. General Arcade has provided services to companies such as SEGA, From Software, Capcom, Square Enix, Devolver Digital, TinyBuild, CD Project Red, 3D Realms, Wizards of the Coast, and many others. They were recently involved in the development of Duke Nukem 3D, Metal Wolf Chaos XD, Hotline Miami, Dragons Dogma, Project Zomboid, Control, and Graveyard Keeper. They have also worked with local studios like: The Gentlebros, Ratloop Asia, Ysbryd Games, and Playware.

  • NickVanzetti_Photo

    Nick Vanzetti

    Exco-Member (Esports)

    Nick Vanzetti is the Senior Vice President of ESL Asia-Pacific Japan. A passionate advocate of the esports community, he has helped shape some of the region's largest events & leagues.

    From creating grassroots community-led events as a hobby to becoming one of APJ’s leading e-sports event organisers, Nick has built a career around doing what he loves. Nick has spent 20 years in the games industry, combining careers in project management and film & television prior to the commencement of his own company in 2011.

    Having grown the business quickly to be a market leader in Australia, an acquisition by the world's largest esports company made Nick the head of ESL in APJ and now firmly focused on growth in Asia.

  • Teo Kah Hui.png

    Teo Kah Hui

    Exco-Member (AAA, Outreach & Membership)

    Kah Hui Teo is the Global Localisation Manager at Keywords Studios. She has been working in the games industry for more than a decade. Prior to Keywords, she was the Senior Manager, Asset Localization & Testing at Electronic Arts. She currently serves as a council member of Keywords Studios Global Diversity and Inclusivity Council.

    Kah Hui was appointed Women in Games Ambassador in 2020, she and other ambassadors bring together women in the game industry across APAC region monthly, to engage women in a range of topics from women empowerment, learning and development, mentorship and gender inclusivity.

    She is an Advisor to the Singapore Games Association and the Mentorship and Education Manager of Women in Localization Singapore Chapter. Kah Hui was appointed to the Singapore National Translation Committee Chinese Resource Panel in March 2022 for a 2-year term.

  • wanda hu.jpg

    Wanda Hu

    Exco-Member (Esports, Advocacy & PR)

    Wanda is the founder and current head of Armaggeddon, one of the brands in Leapfroglobal’s portfolio.

    She’s managed the brand, sourcing and distribution of IT hardware for over 10 years, expanding the brand in 30 countries till date during which she’s planned and ran the first CS:GO and Dota2 regional tournaments in Southeast Asia.

    Through the years she has actively supported local enterprises, teams and players through providing a basic network/facilities to grow their capabilities and communities.

  • shaun-tay.jpg

    Shaun Tay

    Exco Member (Education)

    Shaun has over 12 years of experience as an educator in game design, game-based learning and gamification in Republic Polytechnic, where he teaches Game Theory, Board and Card Game Design, 2D Art Asset Creation and Arts History.

    He is engaged in the application, and prospects of gamification as an academic researcher. Specialising in Applied Teaching & Learning, coupled with the practice of academic research in Gamification, he believes compelling play experiences is the key to elevate learning in the new landscape of education. His philosophy in game design is identical to his methods as a dungeon master – it’s all about the player’s experience.

Our Operations Team

The Operations Team keep the association active so that members can certainly get the first hand information of latest happenings, such as events, activities and news revolving around the Gaming Esports industry.

  • cheryll.jpg

    Cheryll Chong

    Project Manager

    Cheryll is currently the Project Manager of the Association, having experience in both community management and project coordination. Her expertise covers a broad range of administrative skills from event organisation to sales & marketing, logistics and facilitation. This diverse range of skills has helped her develop a macro understanding of the games ecosystem, bridging different sectors and introducing new perspectives wherever she goes.

    With her skills, knowledge, and passion, she aims to build a collaborative community for all to learn and grow together.

  • aloysius.jpg

    Aloysius Low

    Editorial Consultant

    Aloysius is a seasoned journalist and editor, covering tech and esports for the last 15 years. He’s done everything from being the only Asia-based editor for CNET, to growing and leading the nascent ONE Esports editorial team.

    With his passion for storytelling and a keen eye for news, Aloysius aims to help SGGA highlight the best stories from Singapore’s game industry and esports community.